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A case of Self Determination for the people and Human Rights for the person

One important and popular saying of our people is that we should first secure the space where we would spread the mat before investing our fortunes and energy fighting over the possibilities for the best mat: we must learn how to prioritize our affairs as a people. In other words, we should do the first things first. Now what are the first things that are required from us to do as Igbo/Biafra people?

Amongst all the peoples of the Earth, no other group is in a needier position for a secured and free homeland than our people, Igbo/Biafra people. The reason is because no other group has been more oppressed, more persecuted and made to suffer more massive genocidal deaths and deprivations based on the hatred of who and what they are than we, the Igbo/Biafran have been.

Yes, we have proved that we can survive, even thrive in spite of the hatred and persecution. We have dared Nigeria’s hatred, deprivation, persecution, looting, rape, pogrom, genocide, ethnic cleansing, etc. and have triumphed over these impossible odds. Some people have even argued that if these things had befallen lesser mortals they would have been run under and completely vanished. History is replete with instances where whole groups of peoples and races had disappeared when subjected to lesser evils. We are still here today because we have just been luckier, that is all.

We completely disagree with those who argue that perhaps we have been smarter. No. It’s only that God, (Our Chi) has been kind to us. But have some of us ever wondered about how many times we can count on that luck, the benevolence of Our Chi? How far can we, as a people, go on depending on chance and rescue instead of on a planned and designed future where we, as stakeholders, will make vital input in the choice of material and style of architecture of our future construct? This is the age of reason and science: should we not, as a people, work in partnership with God (Our Chi), to design a future and a destiny for ourselves and our children, as it will suit us? (When we say “onye kwe, chi ya e kwe” what we are actually saying is that we can be co-designers with Our Chi on how our tomorrow shall be). Which is better: to contribute to and actually be co-creators of the way we would have it or just accept what would come our way as contrived and concocted for us by forces and persons other than us?

We believe that if we can be honest and sincere enough to find satisfactory answers to these and many more questions as they concern us as a people then the search will inevitably lead us to the conclusion that hitherto we have not done enough. We have not concurred with Our Chi as much as we should. We have not been doing enough partnership with Our Chi as much as we ought to. The truth is that we cannot find the right answers to these questions as citizens of the Nigerian state. It will be impossible to do any meaningful work in partnership with Our Chi within Nigeria. We and our Chi have since the 30th of May 1967 rejected Nigeria and the rejection is permanent. We can do all things better outside of Nigeria than on the inside of Nigeria.

Every honest and sincere observer agrees that Nigeria has failed. It failed before it ever started. It is currently a No Man’s Land and the other parties to the project have long found this out and are making very serious efforts at managing and launching their own separate states outside Nigeria. We the Igbo/Biafra nation must not be caught naked and unprepared—again. Biafra of 30th May 1967 was thrust on us as a sudden and unplanned for do-or-die necessity. We proved ourselves creditably well, thanks to the great leadership and sacrifices of giants like Emeka Ojukwu and the dedicated and wise army of elders and young Igbo/Biafran people who gave the effort all they got in every imaginable way. But this time around, we should prepare for, orchestrate and design this new Biafra. To do that we must be willing to do just about everything we have been doing differently. We must accept that we have to be self-reliant. We must begin to see ourselves—whoever we may be—as fellow team-member-architects and planners in this drive to reestablish the Igbo/Biafra nation. We must be willing to be contributors and or donors to all the several causes and organizations working hard to accomplish the new Biafran task.

There are several organizations and programs working for the independence of Igbo/Biafra people and Land, they need financial and moral support. Let all the traders’ unions, social clubs, village and town unions come forward to sponsor some projects and programs geared towards the reestablishment of Biafra’s independence. We are talking of such programs as some radio stations that broadcast Biafra’s independence awareness and other programs. Among others, there are these two in Washington DC in the United States and London, United Kingdom respectively. They need our moral and financial support.

Now you can make a difference. You can donate or make money contributions to BILIE, one of the pro-Biafra organizations through these links / buttons. Get involved. It’s be quite easy…any amount that you are comfortable with. You can donate in US Dollars, Canadian Dollars, Euros or British Pounds: just use the appropriate link and button.

Do not forget to encourage family, friends and neighbors to send in their own donations too. Some of you must have donated money, time and materials to these organizations and projects already but you need to encourage other individuals, social clubs and unions to which you belong to make donations as both individuals and or groups. This is important and urgent since these organizations need money to continue with the good work they are doing on the behalf of all of us.

It is equally important to point out that donating money and materials is not enough in this Biafra Project; parents should encourage their children and young ones to join the youth wings of Biafra movement. Both parents and children must get involved. The parents must get involved because it is their duty to create a better future for the children and the children because it is their future; they will have to live in it. Those of us in schools as students or teachers should promote the message among our friends and show our pride and patriotism as Biafrans. We actually have no other country other than Biafra to call our own.

And, there is no way we can do this alone without you. We need your contributions and donations now.

Thank you. God, Our Chi, has blessed Biafra. Let’s prove this and be part of it by our generosity.  Use the DONATE button.


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