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Pay BILIE Registration fees in Euros

Registration Fee

To complete your registration, please click on the "Subscribe" button to pay your registration fee. using Paypal facilities. The registration fee is 10 (ten) currency units in any denomination of US Dollars, Canadian Dollars, Euros or Pounds;  use the appropraite button.

If you submit your application without paying the registration fee, you can always return to this button to make your payment; you do not have to fill the application form again. The Paypal system will prompt you for identification at the time of payment so that your subscription will be correctly credited to you.

If you do not pay the registration fee after a specified amount of time, your application will be dumped, and no record of your information will be retained on the database.

If your application is rejected by BILIE for any reason, any registration fee paid through PayPay will be returned to you by Paypal who will send you an email notice to that effect.

Otherwise, the registration fee is non-refundable.

We thank you for registering with BILIE.

Pay Registration Fee in Euros: