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Case filed with ICC against Nigeria for Genocide against Biafra / Igbo


Boko Haram Massacres Are A Smoke Screen For Biafra / Igbo Genocide

Spurred by the genocidal events in Northern Nigeria such as this week’s massacre in Kano, BILIE’s attorney has filed an important and historic claim with the office of the Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court regarding crimes against humanity committed against the Biafra / Igbo people by the government of Nigeria.

The claim which is supported by confidential witness statements requests immediate intervention by the International Criminal Court Prosecutor to prevent and prosecute crimes against humanity on the following grounds:

1.  The ongoing Boko Haram massacres target Igbo and other Biafrans as part of an ongoing government policy of ethnic cleansing and genocide.

2.  The government admits it is infiltrated by Boko Haram but denies there are any crimes against humanity being committed.

3.  So called government commissions and inquiries do nothing to prevent the crimes aside from creating a smoke screen for further crimes against Biafra / Igbo.

BILIE—Biafra Liberation in Exile—supports the total independence of Biafra.  BILIE calls for the prosecution of those in the Nigerian government who support, enable, or fail to prevent the crimes against humanity being committed by Boko Haram.

This communication is the first step in a wider BILIE campaign to expose the ongoing genocide against Biafrans / Igbo by the Nigerian federal government which is aimed at marginalizing, murdering, and controlling the Igbo in order to plunder the wealth of Biafra.  The master plan of the government is nothing less than to exterminate a third of all Igbo, force another third to become refugees and to lock the rest of the Igbo in a Biafran ghetto for their own “protection.”

BILIE is also working on an urgent request to the United Nation Human Rights Council and will soon be initiating a case in the African Court of Human and Peoples Rights in Arusha to stop the genocide against Biafra / Igbo people and the ongoing plundering of Biafran resources.

A copy of the formal complaint to ICC can be found and downloaded here:



The complaint can also be viewed at the BILIE Website here (Adobe PDF Reader required)


 Addendum August 30 2012: ICC acknowledges receipt of above complaint and filing: follow this link...

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