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Supporting BILIE in the Common Cause of Biafra Actualization

A case of Self Determination for the people and Human Rights for the person

Do not forget to encourage family, friends and neighbors to send in their own donations too. Some of you must have donated money, time and materials to these organizations and projects already but you need to encourage other individuals, social clubs and unions to which you belong to make donations as both individuals and or groups. This is important and urgent since these organizations need money to continue with the good work they are doing on the behalf of all of us.

It is equally important to point out that donating money and materials is not enough in this Biafra Project; parents should encourage their children and young ones to join the youth wings of Biafra movement. Both parents and children must get involved. The parents must get involved because it is their duty to create a better future for the children and the children because it is their future; they will have to live in it. Those of us in schools as students or teachers should promote the message among our friends and show our pride and patriotism as Biafrans. We actually have no other country other than Biafra to call our own.

And, there is no way we can do this alone without you. We need your contributions and donations now.

Thank you. God, Our Chi, has blessed Biafra. Let’s prove this and be part of it by our generosity.  Use the DONATE button.


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