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Welcome to BILIE (Biafra Liberation in Exile)

Who we are: 

BILIE is a champion in the liberation of Biafra through peaceful / non-violence and legal means; and a champion for justice and accountability for the crime of Biafra Genocide.

As an organization we are glad that you have taken your valuable time to visit our website to acquaint yourself with the work. We want to encourage you to take a particular interest in participating in one way or another in the liberation of Biafra and at the same time, in bringing to justice and accountability the perpetrators of Biafra Genocide, just as the Jews did and are still doing with the Holocaust perpetrators. We urge you to join this noble Cause, so that together, we will achieve our goal: BIAFRA ACTUALIZATION for our collective good.

You can reach BILIE by email at bilie@bilie.org

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BILIE Inaugural Speech

Launching BILIE

Our Mission:

To champion the liberation of Biafra through peaceful / non-violence and legal means in accordance with the UN Resolution regarding the Self Determination Rights of Indigenous Nations in the Document, A/RES /61/295, adopted in September 2007; and also in accordance with Article 20.1 of the African (Banjul) Charter on Human and Peoples’ Rights adopted June 1981 (which “entered into force 21 October 1986”), which states that all peoples shall have the right to existence and have unquestionable and inalienable right to self-determination to freely determine their political status; working in association with other sister-Organizations which believe in the same Cause.

To champion the effort to bring to justice and accountability persons and parties responsible for the Biafra Genocide of 1967 to 1970

Formal Mission Statement

as registered with the UN

"Biafra Liberation In Exile (BILIE) is an Organization for the cultural, social and economic development of the Biafran people, to nurture the needs of Biafran people, to advocate for self-determination and independence of Biafra by legal methods and to bring the awareness of the situation in Biafra to the United Nations and the entire world"

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Our Objectives

1. Mobilize and sensitize our people through massive information.
2. To pursue Justice and accountability for Crimes Against Humanity committed against Biafrans during Nigeria – Biafra war (Biafra Genocide) of 1967 to 1970 which is still ongoing in a different form.
3. Build partnerships with Organizations, Agencies and individuals for purposes of fulfilling the mission of BILIE

Genocide 1966 to 1970