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BILIE Membership Application Form
In this Application Form, a Biafran means a person who is a descendant of the indigenous peoples of Biafra whose ancestors inhabited Biafraland before the coming of the British and before Nigeria was created in 1914. BILIE is a Human Rights Organization advocating for the rights of the indigenous peoples of Biafra by the rule of law. BILIE is registered by the United Nations and by the Federal Government of Nigeria to advocate for the right of the indigenous peoples which includes their right of self-determination and the control of their natural resources under the United Nations Charter and the African Charter on Human and Peoples’ Rights.

BILIE is registered to protect the rights of indigenous peoples and grant legal aid and defend oppressed people whose fundamental freedoms and human rights are violated. However, BILIE cannot act for the people unless appointed by the people. Therefore, if you want BILIE to act as your legal representative at both national and international levels, you should formally appoint BILIE as your legal representative by signing hereunder: I, as named above, and of the above address, as a Biafran citizen by indigenous identity, confirm and certify that the whole information given above is correct to the best of my knowledge and I hereby appoint BILIE Human Rights Initiative to act as my legal representative at both national and international levels, whether in court or out of court, to advocate for, protect and defend my human rights as an individual and my communal and collective rights as a member of the indigenous peoples of Biafra whose rights have been violated and I declare that this appointment is binding and irrevocable; in witness thereof I willingly, freely and conscientiously endorse this Appointment by my act of submitting (clicking the submit button at the bottom of) this form on the day and year hereunder stated.

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