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Website: www,bilie.org

Email: bilie@bilie.org

Secretary General: Dr. Joseph Chukwuderah Madu, email: sec@bilie.org

BILIE is an organization formed by Pro-Biafran groups that were registered in their respective countries which decided to come together to form a mother-organization known as BIAFRA LIBERATION IN EXILE = BILIE. The organization per se is registered in Europe and also registered as an NGO in the category of Indigenous Peoples Organization (IPO) under the United Nations. It has its Human Rights Arm known as BILIE HUMAN RIGHT INITIATIVE which is registered in Nigeria.

BILIE's principal concern is the respect of Self Determination Rights of Biafra's peoples and the exercise of those rights; while on an individual level, BILIE's interest is in the respect, protection and upholding of Human Rights of Biafrans. BILIE regards group Self Determination rights as an extension of the individual's Human Rights, and vice versa.

You can find BILIE's UN profile in the  NGO Branch registered in the UN Department of Economic and Social Affairs (DESA) Civil Society database by entering Biafra or BILIE in the SEARCH box and conducting a search here: Biafra Liberation in Exile

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